Real Estate Development

Fortis Groep professionals have more than two hundred years experience combined in all aspects of development, financing, marketing and construction to their credit. We create our projects one at a time, meticulously hand-picking every detail with a critical eye born from a lifetime of perfectionism. Our  commitment to excellence, sustainability, innovation and responsible development identifies our firm as one of the country’s top firms when it comes to leading-edge design, construction, quality, and added value to the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Land Planning
  • Permitting and Zoning
  • Project Management
  • Land Development
  • Project Redevelopment

Infrastructure Development

Fortis Groep has extensive experience and knowledge in infra-structure development. With several world projects already completed to the highest satisfaction  Fortis Groep delivers turn- key solutions to its clients. We design, build and finance all real estate and infrastructure assets such as educational institutions, hospitals, multi/single-unit residential, airport facilities, office buildings, hotels and resorts, essential to local, state and federal government agencies as well as corporations that operate healthcare or energy related facilities.

  • Government Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Consensus Building
  • Crisis Communications
  • Issues Management
  • Image Management
  • NGO Strategies
  • Siting/Land Use Planning
  • Social Media Advocacy

Project Financing

We offer financing and project development consulting services to make sure your project complies with legal requirements, while at the same time, ensuring the cash flow and profits necessary to sustain the business to be developed and financed through our private sector investors. With our many years of experience in all areas of infrastructure financing and accounting, you can count on us for expert advice. 

We offer flexible and efficient financial alternatives enabling our projects to proceed on a timely and cost-effective basis while allowing the client the ability to retain control over the asset.

  • Setting up and developing a reliable accounting system 
  • Financial Planning
  • Analysis and optimization of debt collection processes
  • Cost and performance analysis 
  • Internal and external reporting procedures
  • Efficiency reviews and optimization of processes
  • Venture Capital
  • Energy & Commodity Financing
  • Equity Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Debt Financing


“Our pillar In the investment process is the Exit Strategy”

Fortis Groep’s professional approach to real estate development is based on quantifiable, verifiable projections and returns – and being first to market whenever possible.

Our goals differ from project to project, our strict policy of solid capitalization prior to setting anything in motion, always stays the same.

Our competitive edge resides in our in-House financial experts:

  • Financing Engineering
  • Experts in Banking Relations
  • Relations to Financial Markets
  • In-House Risk Management
  • Acquisition and Disposition
  • Asset Oversight
  • Strategic Planning
  • Equity and Debt Solutions
  • Syndications
  • Tax Planning
  • Joint Venture
  • Estate Planning
  • Yield Enhancement

Design & Architecture

  • Site Planning
  • Renderings
  • Design and Development
  • Construction Documents & Administration
  • Interior Design &
  • Space Planning Ancillary
  • General Design Services
  • Feasibility Studies


  • General Contracting
  • Sustainability
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Construction Management
  • Full Construction Services
  • Capital Improvements