Sustainable Building

Our sustainable buildings feature high fire resistance, low environmental footprint, and exceed hurricane and earthquake ratings.

  • Metal Frame, warranty 100 years.
  • High R factor 
  • Water and Fire Proof Exterior and Interior Panels
  • High Impact Windows
  • Hurricane Proof
  • Earthquake Proof
  • Mold Proof 
  • Refracting Elastomeric Paint interior
  • Isolating foam interior
  • UNICO Air Conditioning
  • Back-up gas powered generator
  • Energy Efficient
  • LED Lighting
  • Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Heat transfer Resistant Interior/Exterior Panels
  • Instant Water Heater
  • Fireproof Parquet Design Laminate Flooring

Unico HVAC

  • Compact System


    The System uses less than one-third of the space than a traditional system. It can deliver up to 9 tons of air conditioning in the same space as a 3-ton traditional unit.

    The aesthetics of home are maintained therefore walls are not marred by metal registers that streak or stain. Small, subtle outlets are available in round 5” outer diameter or slotted ½” x 8” versions, each blending perfectly into your design.

    Quiet Performance


    The air is from our system is delivered quietly and seamlessly. The supply tubing is designed to be as efficient as possible and also to minimize sound which brings decibels levels to the equivalent of a soft whisper. This is due to the nylon inner core and also the insulation, which absorbs the sound created from the air.

    The air handler is also designed to isolate noise and vibration. Each module, including the blower and coil, of our system is insulated with closed cell, sound deadening insulation which ensures that the unit remains quiet. 

    Easy Installation


    Modular air handlers and coils can be easily installed into attics, ceilings, crawlspaces, and closets.

    The flexible small ducts can be routed through ceiling, floor or wall cavities – eliminating the need for unsightly and noisy metal ductwork!

    Draft Free, Even Temperatures


    Through an air principle called aspiration, the Unico System air enters a room (pictured above) and creates a gentle suction around itself that draws the room air into its stream of air. Aspiration creates an even, draft free environment. This has the net affect of lowering the effective room temperature by 2 to 3 degrees. From room to room, floor to floor, and floor to ceiling, the temperature differential is no greater than 2 degrees from where you set the thermostat.

    Removes 30% More Humidity


     The System provides greater humidity removal, up to 30%, with the superior and efficient design of our cooling coils, creating a perfectly comfortable environment. What this means for you is that you can have your thermostat set higher than you typically would, yet have the conditioned space feel as though your thermostat is set lower, saving you energy and money. 

    Tubing Efficiency


    The System ductwork has 1/3 the surface area of conventional ducting so before it is even installed the System ductwork has 1/3 less thermal loss. The supply tubing is also wrapped with insulation and an outer vapor barrier, which keeps nearly all of the thermal energy within the duct.

Metal Framing

Metal Refracting Elastomeric Interior/Exterior Paint Additive

Isolating interior Foam

Window Protector - Spectral Performance

Window Protector - Spectral Performance

In winter, InvisaLight prevents heat loss from windows, reducing energy used for heating.

  • Retains heat
  • Reduces cold draft and increase comfort
  • Reduces condensation

In summer, InvisaLight blocks heat caused by infrared rays for a cooler interior.

  • Reduces HVAC usage
  • Increases comfort, especially near glass areas

Back-Up Propane Powered Generator

LED Lighting

Energy Efficient Appliances

LED Lighting

Fireproof Parquet Design Laminate Flooring

Black Water to Grey Water Recycling System

Indoor Tropical Garden Plants